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I’m delighted to tell you about my new home. I don’t have to pack boxes, hire movers, or figure out if I’m going to keep that lamp Aunt Trudy gave me as a wedding gift. It’s a mobile home that doesn’t require gas. It’s comfy, cozy, and my best friend lives with me.

My friend is Jesus and my new home is Set Apart Church.

Set Apart Church defines itself as a “church without walls” because it’s church online. Its hope is that every person, everywhere, can hear the Good News and feel God’s love. No longer are there limitations to receiving God’s word.

I don’t have the best track record when it comes to attending Sunday services. With my husband’s work schedule, my inability to drive, and my two small children, just finding a church has been a struggle— let alone showing up on a regular basis. After weeks of empty Sundays, I realize it has been months since I have heard a compelling and convicting sermon which taught about the God who gives me life.

Perhaps you’re in a similar position. You travel a lot which makes having a church home difficult.  There’s something which renders you homebound. Maybe the nearest church is miles away. Whatever your situation, Set Apart Church is a church home for you.

Are you saying to yourself, “But, Toni, can’t I listen to sermons online?” You can, and thank God we live in an age where you’re able to do that. Set Apart Church is much more than a sermon though. It’s a new community of believers who earnestly desire to bring everyone from everywhere into a stronger relationship with their Lord and Savior. In addition to their weekly Sunday sermons, they post devotionals Monday through Friday that teach from Scripture how we can become more like Christ. Soon they will even have a praise and worship band to allow you to worship the Lord in song from wherever you are.

“Okay,” you say skeptically, “but it’s online. There’s no way to engage. What do you mean by community/” I’m glad you asked because, in fact, there is interaction!  Set Apart Church has the most wonderful way to feel connected to other Christians: their prayer request page. Not only can you ask for prayer, but they have an amazing feature I am overjoyed to explain. Let’s say you’re enduring a financial hardship and you fill out the prayer request form on the web site. That prayer is posted and other church members can view it. The best part? Once someone prays for you, they click a button that tells you they’ve lifted your needs up to the Father. Isn’t that an incredible blessing? My heart is elated to know that I can view tangible evidence of my brothers and sisters—people I may never meet until Heaven—petitioning for my needs to the God who hears.

It is my hope and prayer that you check them out and visit my new home. This is the real deal. Sermons, devotionals, worship music, prayer. God is here at Set Apart Church—the church without walls.

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