The Reluctant Mom

I’m a stay at home Mom who never wanted kids.

My sister had a daughter. My friends started having children. I liked them and all, but was it for me? No. I have a temper so I wouldn’t be good with discipline. I’m independent so having to give up everything I want for someone who can’t even walk didn’t sound like fun. My husband and I had dreams of travelling the States in a motorhome and you can’t do that when you have toddlers in tow. I was too selfish to have children and smart enough to know that.

Then I got pregnant. Three months after giving birth to my daughter, I got pregnant again with my son. It’s funny how God works.

While my life has changed dramatically—my plans converting to His plans—I couldn’t ask for more. Being a stay at home Mom is an honest blessing. I mean that.


It is also an all-consuming job. There’s no leaving work at the office. My home is my office. My kitchen is my office. My bed is my office. My work is everywhere all the time.

This can be overwhelming and intimidating for anyone, let alone someone who never intended on this being their vocation. Up until a few months ago it was all I thought about. What’s for dinner? What needs to be cleaned? Whose laundry needs to be done? Day and night the daily and weekly tasks of my never-ending job were all I thought about.

An afternoon conversation with my mother changed all that. I was telling her of my joys and woes and she said, “You need something else to think about. You need something that’s yours.” She was right; I needed something to look forward to that was solely for me. It couldn’t have any correlation to my kids, my home, my husband. Something that was all mine. Mine mine mine.

It was a brilliant suggestion, but what was that thing going to be? Sewing, dancing, crafting, curling?

Then I found FaithWriters.

If you’re a Christian writer, as I have now become, I highly encourage you to check out FaithWriters. They have a weekly writing challenge with cash prizes, an amazing community in their forums, writing courses, publisher information and the list goes on. As fabulous as all that is, they are currently having a couple contests. Don’t you want to honor the Lord with the gift He’s given you and win something?

Their big ticket item is a Xulon Best Seller package which includes such awesome amenities as a professional marketing specialist, review of your manuscript, and a custom designed book cover.

Do you have story that’s been rolling around in the back of your head but you need some motivation to get working on it? They’re giving this publishing package to the best work of fiction submitted before November 30, 2014. Even better, you don’t need to have the whole manuscript complete—just the first chapter and a synopsis of the story. That should make any procrastinator happy.

Perhaps you’re not the novel writing type, but you still want to glorify the Lord with the gift He’s blessed you with. They’re also having a Christian testimony publishing contest. If you have a compelling story of how you came to know the Lord, or how you endured difficult circumstances and came through it with a stronger relationship with Jesus, please check it out. If your story encourages even just one person, doesn’t that make it worth writing?

If the contests aren’t for you, or if you enter and don’t win, please still consider joining FaithWriters. Members get amazing discounts on Xulon packages as well as many other services and, hey, you already started writing—may as well see it through to the end, right?

I truly cannot stress enough how much of a blessing FaithWriters has been to me. In the short time I’ve been a member, my writing has improved, I’ve been encouraged in my walk with the Lord, and I see some budding friendships looming on the horizon. Writing for the Lord is my thing. I finally have a thing.

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