In My Home

Here is a list of what you’re most likely to experience at my home should you ever come over in the next 10 years.

  • You will step on a Cheerio. I could have spent the last 36 hours cleaning my home from top to bottom and within minutes of coming into the house you will hear the familiar crunch of a Cheerio beneath your shoe.
  • At 3 in the afternoon it is very possible that my kids will still be in their pajamas… that they’ve worn for the past two days.
  • Alternatively, at 8 in the morning it’s likely you’ll find one or both children hanging out in just their diapers because they spilled breakfast all over their pajamas and I haven’t had enough coffee yet to find the strength to get them dressed.
  • Misplaced items everywhere. Ear phones in the bathroom, stuffed animals in the Tupperware drawer, plastic cutlery in my bed. I used to like having everything it its place; now I like being able to get to the coffee pot without tripping over something.
  • You will sit in a wet spot. Don’t worry, though. It’s just milk or drool. At least I hope so.

What happens in your house?

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Crock Pot Cookbook Giveaway

One of our wedding gifts was a crock pot. I had never used a crock pot and had no idea what to do with it. For the first seven months we were married I was unemployed which gave me lots of time to figure out what to do with this appliance. It also happened to be one of the hottest summers on record in Portland and somehow the apartment we lived in seemed to give us 22 hours of direct searing sunlight. We didn’t have air conditioning. Add all that up and it meant I learned to use, and love, my crock pot.

Now that I’m a Mom I find it to be even more essential. A week doesn’t go by where I don’t cook at least one, most of the time two to three, meals in the crock pot. I can throw everything in there in the morning while the kids are having breakfast or playing and have dinner ready around 5:30. It frees up the rest of my day to do housework, run errands and be a jungle gym to my lovely kiddos. There’s no 4 o’clock freak out of “what’s for dinner?” and the kitchen stays mostly clean all day.

If you’re a Mom, you need a crock pot.

When I first started looking up recipes for the crock pot I kept going back to A Year of Slow Cooking written by the amazing, thoughtful, and hilarious Stephanie O’Dea. Her blog began as a challenge: use her crock pot every day for one year and blog about it. She has made some amazing recipes and gone on to publish numerous cookbooks. One of which, I’m happy to announce, I’ll be giving away!

Her dishes range from soups and chili to ribs and roast to even homemade yogurt. She doesn’t just have food recipes, guys, she’s also made crayons! This woman is a genius.

If you want to become closer friends with your crock pot but don’t know where to start, enter my giveaway! One lucky CMM winner will receive a signed copy of More Make It Fast, Cook It Slow.

Here’s how you enter.

  • Leave a comment telling me why you’d love the cookbook (For additional entries, tell me in the comment if you did any or all of the following)
  • Tell me what your favorite crock pot meal is
  • Like the CMM Facebook page which you can do by clicking on the Facebook icon at the top of the page
  • Follow CMM on Twitter (It may get me motivated to start tweeting again!)
  • Share this post on Facebook or on Twitter


I’ll pick the winner on Friday, January 24th so be sure to get your entry in by midnight on January 23th PST.

Good luck!

(If you’d like to skip the middle man, and support CMM, click the following link to order your own copy of More Make It Fast, Cook It Slow: 200 Brand-New, Budget-Friendly, Slow-Cooker Recipes)


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Moving on in Grace

My 19 month old daughter has been stubborn and strong-willed since birth. When I was in labor with her the nurses even commented that she was gong to be sensitive and strong-willed. They were right.

The other day she asked for a piece of cheese. (Side note: I’m unsure if her asking for cheese is because she likes it or because she can now say the word.) I asked her to say please and she did. When I gave her the piece of cheese I asked her to say thank you. She gave me the “I got what I want – I don’t need to do anything” look and backed away. Swiftly I took the cheese from her hand and instructed her to say thank you. Tantrum ensued. It went on and on and on and…

You get the idea.

After both children were in bed asleep that evening, I thought back to that tantrum. It was just two words she had to say. Two words she says often. Why was it worth such a huge fit? It was such a small, insignificant request in the grand scale of her day and yet that small thing caused such a big reaction.

I wondered, “What petty things do I throw tantrums about before the Lord? What tiny things do I yell and scream about when He doesn’t give me what I want or when He asks me to do something I don’t want to do?”

Being a parent is humbling and eye-opening and I praise the Lord for the insights He gives us into our own life as we raise our children. I invite you to think about if the tantrums you exhibit at the throne are really worth the energy.

There’s another note to add.

After my daughter’s tantrum ended and we talked and hugged and kissed, my anger was gone. There was some residual “what was that about?” confusion, but I wasn’t mad or frustrated with her anymore.

That’s how the Lord feels about me when I throw my tantrums. He doesn’t hold it against me. He doesn’t roll his eyes once I’ve repented and submitted to His will. He moves on. He loves me.

I ask you to, one, take a closer look at what you whine and cry about to the Lord and ask yourself if it’s worth it. Two, I ask you to believe and walk in the truth that the Lord is not harboring any negative feelings towards you. He is your Father. He loves you. He is proud of you and all you’ve done. He made you. He knows what you’re stubborn about. Your behavior does not surprise Him. Walk in the grace of His love and forgiveness today.

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The Return

Welcome back!

I’m sure you noticed my absence for the past several months. This was due to us moving, having another baby, and adjusting to having two little ones. My children are 355 days apart which means my life is pretty crazy these days. As of today, my daughter is 19 months and my son is 7 months.

The Lord has been calling me to have something that is mine. So much of my time is spent with my children and what is left is used for housework and errands. I need something that is solely my own so I don’t lose myself in this stay at home Mom life. I love my life as trying as it is at times, but it’s also important to do something in order to maintain my own identity and not burn out.

Some people have their exercise routine, some people have jobs outside the home, some people have a type of hobby.

What I have is writing and, within that, sharing my story to encourage others.

I hope that as I get back to writing more consistently that you would join me on this journey and in doing so find your own identity activity.

Keep coming back as I have some great posts coming up as well as money saving tips and a giveaway!

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