Family Bonding Time

I just wanted to take my daughter out to play in the snow.

Where I live we don’t get much snow. Every other year or so we get a light dusting. Just enough for all of us to get excited and complain about how people here don’t know how to drive in this weather. This past week we’ve had several inches fall. I’m from the California coast originally so I still view snow as a spectator only event. I like to look at it from the warmth of my couch with a cup of coffee in my hand.

But this time around I have children. My daughter walks and talks and I decided I would brave the element, get us both bundled up, and head outside for her and I to have fun together and enjoy the snow.

That was my plan anyway. It fell apart when my daughter decided to be disobedient and not come to me when I asked her to. I was merely going to put her shoes on so we could go outside. That’s it. Her gloves were on, her hat, her coat. She just needed shoes. We were so close to being able to have a fun mother daughter bonding experience.

Instead she chose to not listen, to run away, and it made me so sad when I finally said, “Okay. we’re not going out now.” It broke my heart. I wanted this for her. For us. I wanted to take some cute pictures to have forever. I wanted to help her make a snowball. But no–she chose to not do the simple thing I asked of her: to come over to me, sit down, and allow me to put her shoes on. So simple.

It made me wonder, as I do a lot these days, what one simple task the Lord asks of us to complete before He bestows on us such fun and awesome blessings. For my daughter it was listening to me, doing as I asked, and putting on shoes. For me, it might be calling someone, or spending time in the Word, or confessing something to my husband. For others, it may be offering to help another or go to church when they’re not feeling up to it. Who knows how wonderful and rich our lives could be if we just listened, obeyed, and followed through. Perhaps the Lord wants to take us out on a Father son or Father daughter bonding time. We just need to listen and obey.


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